Seaside traditions

Many of Britain's seaside traditions were created by the Victorians.  Donkey rides, sandcastle building, boat rides, Punch and Judy shows and fish and chips remain popular, with many visiting the coast in search of old-fashioned fun. 

Donkey rides

Donkey rides are an important part of the traditional British beach holiday.  850 donkeys currently work on Britain's beaches, with 200 of these based in Blackpool.  Donkey rides are available at Weymouth Beach, Whitby, Blackpool, Great Yarmouth, and Torquay, among others.  Due to new codes of practice brought in to protect donkeys' health, riders must weigh under 50.8kg (8st).  

Sandcastle building

Sandcastle competitions take place annually throughout Britain.  These include the UK National Sandcastle Competition in Woolacombe, North Devon, and the Meridian Sandcastle Competition, hosted by several south coast resorts between July and August each year. 

Punch and Judy

Originating in the 17th century, the characters evolved from the Italian custom of improvised comedy.  Despite several attempts to ban the show due to its violent undertones, puppeteers continue to provoke laughter with the familiar faces of Punch and Judy. 

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